Affton Radiator Services has over 40 years of welding repair experience.

This expertise makes us the professionals your cracked radiator needs to perform at its best again. We weld and mend any make or model radiator using the most cost-effective, heavy duty solution necessary. Pick-up and delivery is available for any heat transfer products type including same-day service when possible. Let our Certified Welders Steel and Aluminum (TIG or MIG) technicians fix your radiator and heat transfer problems with our expert welding repair.

Welding Services

Benefits of Choosing Us for Welding

Certified Welders Steel and Aluminum

Every technician that touches a welding torch in our shop has extensive training in various welding courses and holds TIG and MIG certifications. This process is important to us because we want our customers to have the peace of mind that their radiator is under the best care possible. Our precision welding repair is a result of our dedication to excellence for all radiator repairs.

Aluminum Steel Welding Radiator Repair

Affton Radiator Services offers welding services that vary from light sheet metal to heavy plate component welding up to 1″ thick. Our radiator and heat exchanger repair is available for a range of metal materials including aluminum, carbon, alloy, and stainless steel. Brazing and cleaning is available for every welding repair so you can save money by not shelling out for a new radiator.

Plastic Welding Radiator Repair

Our TIG and MIG certified welders diagnose your cracked radiator condition and determine if a replacement is necessary or if the cracked plastic radiator can be repaired. With a true fusion weld, we create a seamless, strong seal directly onto your radiator creating a quality repair that lasts. Same-day service is available.

Looking for highly skilled welding?

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