Custom / Fabrication Service

Our expertise extends to every aspect of radiators and beyond

At Affton Radiator Services, every technician is certified in multiple automotive competencies to ensure your vehicle receives only the best quality care. We are St. Louis’ answer to convenient, reliable radiator repair, but we also excel at specialized services including A/C condenser repair services and even classic, antique and muscle car radiator repair. We pride ourselves on giving you the best quality for your money and look forward to servicing all of your vehicle needs.

Custom / Other Services

Benefits of Choosing Us for Custom Auto Cooling Service

A/C Condenser Repair Service

Air conditioning condenser repair is a precise service that requires professional care and installation by experienced A/C experts. Our certified technicians bring back the cool with our large inventory of A/C Condensers and the convenience of same-day maintenance that includes pick-up and delivery if necessary. Call or visit us to schedule your A/C Condenser repair today.

Classic & Muscle Car Radiator Repair

We specialize in restoring and repairing radiators and heating and cooling cores for classic, antique and muscle cars. Our experts know the importance of keeping the original look and have years of experience recoring and repairing specialized radiators. Trust us to give your vintage automobile the same care and attention that you would.

Looking For Custom Automotive Cooling Service?

Schedule your custom automotive heating and cooling service work today! Either fill out our online service request form or give us a call at 314-962-8282.