Heat Exchanger Service

We offer the best in heat exchanger repair and servicing

Affton Radiator Services specializes in industrial radiator and heat exchanger services. We are the only NARSA Heavy Duty Certified Shop in the St. Louis Metro Area which means you receive the best quality repair for any heavy duty industrial needs. From Tube & Shell heat exchanger services and detailed cleaning to Tube & Fin services, to custom-built cooling fans and much more, our services are handled with the expert care our customers have grown to trust. Our cost-effective repair is completed on site with pickup and delivery available.

Heat Exchanger Service

Benefits of Choosing Us for Heat Exchanger Service

Quality Heat Exchanger Services

We can handle repairs for any of your heat exchanger needs, from Megawatt generators to industrial heavy equipment and marine applications for heat exchange services, including small back hoes all the way up to mining equipment radiators and heat exchangers.

Tube and Shell Manufacturing

Affton Radiator Services now can build and manufacture tube and shell heat exchangers “in house”. If we find that your tube and shell is wore out and not good any more, we can make from scratch in weeks instead of the OEM’s that take months.

Marine Keel Cooler Service

Our heavy duty certified technicians are trained to dissipate small to industrial sized keel coolers and extend your component’s capabilities. Some of our keel cooler services include: acid dipping and neutralization, cleaning, barnacle removal, scrape and straightening as well as tube and header replacement. We can also supply new gaskets. If your keel cooler is beyond repair, Affton Radiator Services also offers new replacement keel coolers. Call us or stop by today to discuss your particular keel cooling needs and let our NARSA certified experts handle the repair.

Tube & Shell and Fin & Tubes Heat Exchanger Service

Affton Radiator Services will find the most cost-effective way to repair your industrial shell and tube heat exchangers. We offer re-tubing along with power rod cleaning, but we can also build a new Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger with a cooper-nickel design. Other services include Fin & Tube Heat Exchanger service and repair as well as Plate-Type Heat Exchanger service and repair.

Cleaning Services

Going beyond just power washing, our industrial radiator and heat exchanger services involve, where necessary, solder dipping radiators similar to what the manufacturer does with the new core, and detailed cleaning and re-tubing service for Mesabi radiators. Ultrasonic cleaning and “boil-out” hot tank cleaning is also available.

Looking For Heat Exchanger Service?

Schedule your heat exchanger service work today! Either fill out our online service request form or give us a call at 314-962-8282.