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Fuel Tank Repair

We offer the best in heat exchanger repair and servicing.

At Affton Radiator & A/C Service, we know our fuel tanks. We do everything from sealing small holes and fixing weak seams, to advanced cleaning, welding and replacement services. We offer specialized maintenance and repair for small to industrial-sized fuel tanks. From leak testing to steam cleaning, dent removal to tank RENU and rebuilding services, our heavy duty, certified technicians diagnose and repair any fuel tank issue, satisfaction guaranteed. Pick-up and delivery is available for fast, comprehensive service that gets you back on the road in no time.

Fuel Tank Repair

Benefits of Choosing Us for Fuel Tank Repair

Expert Fuel Tank Repair & Service

Our experts handle any size tank configuration to ensure your fuel tank is in great working condition. From repairs to rebuilds, we offer a range of services that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Call or visit us today to have your tank diagnosed and serviced immediately.

Fuel Tank Dent Removal

Don’t let a dent in your fuel tank slow you down. Our certified technicians can remove dents of any size to your fuel tank and with our unique Tank RENU services we can strengthen the tank so that rust, corrosion and dents are a thing of the past. Pick-up and delivery is available.


This unique repair process is only available at a handful of service centers in the United States and features a life time warranty. Our Tank RENU process takes your old fuel tank and carefully coats it with a chemical bonding repair process that seals it from any dirt, rust or corrosion. This refurbishment process works for nearly any fuel tank type.

Fuel Tank Leak Testing

Our fuel tank experts use exhaustive leak testing techniques that include targeted air pressure to your fuel tanks and hydraulic tanks. Once our certified technicians diagnose the problem, we present a cost-effective repair solution that fixes your tank problem once and for all.

Fuel Tank Steam & Acid Clean

If your fuel tank is suffering from heavy rust deposits or other contaminants, our steam and acid clean services effectively clean any fuel tank or hydraulic tank with a caustic solution that neutralizes the combustive contents inside, making repair services like Tank RENU possible.

Needing Your Fuel Tank Repaired?

Schedule your fuel tank service work today! Fill out the online service request form or give us a call at 314-962-8282.